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We develop new startup investors through an accelerator program, unlocking funding for startups to amplify the innovation economy in Spain. 

Each "Startup Investor Accelerator" program accepts only 40 new investors. Participants learn not only the methodologies but also get to invest alongside experienced Investors. With the new skills, they make decisions and finish the program with a portfolio of startups that they have invested in. This program is an easy entry into the Angel Investing world. 

Most people (80%) who are accredited and allowed to Angel Invest do not know how they could be investing in this asset class. According to "Angel Capital Association" on average, active angels have portfolio returns of around 300%. 

In the past 10+ years, In the process of running the program 20 times (Yeay!), we have accelerated 450 people new investors, who, together have gone on to invest +60M in startups, activating hundreds of communities.

This is a production of @Mossy Ventures and follows the patterns of Seattle Angle Conference, Apis Health Angels, and others. Copies of this program have run in San Diego, Kelowna & Alaska. 

We are opening new chapters in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Belgium. 
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